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Hi, my name is Katia Wallace

I am a Womb Healer and Energy Reader who specialises in women's healing, spiritual parenting, and eco-feminism. I am driven by the sacred fire of Brigid and live my life with a strong sense of purpose guided by my ancestors, ascended guides, Higher-Self and the Goddess in all of her forms.

It is my belief that the health and wellbeing of women is directly connected to the health and wellbeing of Mother Earth.
It is my deepest belief that the women of the world are here, as leaders, to transition the world from a patriarchal order to an eco-system based on the principles of love and respect for life in all of its forms.
It is my core belief that the divine feminine essence, which is to be found in the mother figures of the world, is here, at this time, to bring the divine masculine into balance and, together, raise the first generation of New Earth people and heal our ancestral lines. 

These are the times where we return to the cyclical, the spiral, the waxing and waning. These are the times when we burn and be reborn.

About Me

Originally from France, my family roots are established in the Somme, Poland and Italy. I am now happily married to a Scottish husband and together we have created a beautiful family. 

My values in life and at work are integrity, love and privacy.

All the photographs on this website are mine. I love taking visuals of the wonders of the world around us. We live surrounded by magic. I share all my photographs of flowers, animal spirits, trees, angels, dragons, unicorns, fairies, orbs, light beings and others on my Instagram. I also share my progress on gardening, foraging and seasonal activities.

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